Whether you are looking for a security guard or you are willing to become one, you have to know the duties and responsibilities of these professionals. What do security guards do? What qualities should they have? Read this post to learn more about the responsibilities of security guards.

Police officers and other law enforcers are trained and expected to respond to crimes when they take place. Law enforcement agents are called when a crime is discovered. On the other hand, security guards are trained to prevent risks and deter crime. They take a preventive approach. If any crime takes place, security guards let the authorities know it. Preventing crime is the only objective of security guards.

The first responsibility of security guards is to make themselves visible.  People must clearly see security guards and know that they are on duty. If there is a security guard on duty, criminals such as muggers, burglars and shoplifters will think twice before they commit crimes. To prevent theft, damage, graffiti and injury, security guards must make themselves clearly visible.

A security guard is also supposed to be vigilant and on the alert. Any strange or odd behaviour in the public may be an indication of harm. Security guards must have an excellent hearing, eyesight, and a keen sense of smell. To be able to smell chemical leakage or detect sounds, security guards must make the best use of their senses. Horrible things may happen if a security guard has poor eyesight or hearing. This is especially important when on security patrol as they guard must remain vigilant at all times while mobile, if you are hiring a security patrol service such as this one then you can be confident in their senses and ability to act quickly.

In a crisis situation, a security guard must act quickly. If a crisis is brewing, he must try to quell the situation. To be able to do it, a security guard must pay attention to what is going on in the surrounding areas. Most dangerous situations require quick responsiveness, and security guards must understand the fact.

Power of observation is one of the most important qualities of a good security guard. A security guard has to keep working even when a dangerous situation has been averted. To prevent dangers from happening in the first place, they must continue to observe the site and make sure that nothing odd is taking place nearby. As soon as a crisis occurs, the details should be reported to the supervisor or law enforcement authorities.

When needed, security guards must call for help. If there is an armed robber or an assault, a security guard must do what it takes to deal with the situation. Calling the police may be one of the most obvious options. Law enforcement authorities may be able to save lives by interfering into the situation.

A good security guard must follow procedures and make sure that all rules are obeyed. Employers often establish policies, and all workers, including security guards must follow the policies. In some situations, security guards may need to search visitors before granting or denying entry to visitors. If a company appoints a security guard, the guard may need to check ID cards of employers before granting them entry.

Order must be maintained at large gatherings. Security guards often have to work at parties, religious assemblies, political rallies and other large gatherings. To ensure safety and security at these gatherings, many important things need to be considered. Security guard services are there to keep people safe and the the security guard or officer can protect the hiring companies from damage or theft, click here for more info about security guard services.

At the entrance of an event or a building, a security guard often plays the role of a receptionist. To play this role, guards must be friendly, approachable and willing to help.

Apart from the roles mentioned above, a security guard may need to shoulder some other responsibilities. If you are going to appoint a security guard, look for at least some of these qualities.