Financial advisors always say that anyone who considers a car as an investment is grossly misled unless the said person plans on using the car for business such as a cab or maybe a food truck. Unfortunately, the normal things we take for granted such as summer and snowy days that guarantee a much needed day off in form of a snow day may wreak havoc on your car in the long run. The last thing you need is to have to incur a cost to fix your car so soon after you got it especially if you went for a luxury car such as a Mercedes Benz. The good news is that there are a few seasonal tips you can apply to keep your car looking and running like a new one.

Keep an eye on your tires.

Tires are one of the most important components of driving yet they are the least monitored. Most drivers only pay attention to their tires when they have a flat which is just wrong. You should heck tire pressure treads at least once a week ensuring that they are fully inflated and free from any puncture holes. Keeping them inflated improves your vehicle's proficiency and performance.

Check your lights and wipers.

Keep a close eye on your vehicle making sure that you check the lights on a daily basis making sure that they work and they are bright enough.

Also, test your wipers monthly to see how well they clean your windshield and replace them as well as the lights as needed. This way, you ensure that you are both able to see and can be seen while on the road regardless of the weather or time of day.

Check your fluids, all of them.

Remember that smooth buzz when you first bought your car? Isn't it annoying to hear a strange noise coming from your engine or experience strained performance? Well, whether you bought a used Mercedes or a new one from a Mercedes Benz dealership. you would hate to experience this. Noises or vehicle strain are usually an indication of low fluid levels and if left unchecked, can lead to major repairs. Check your vehicle's coolant (especially during the summer), engine oil, brake and transmission among others. Your fluid levels should be checked every time you visit a gas station not just when you take your Mercedes for servicing.

Monitor your battery.

Car batteries have been known to wear down over time or start to corrode along the wires causing your vehicle to lose a proper connection. At least once every month, you should check your battery and ensure the connection is tight clean and not corroded. You should also replace your car battery every three or four years.

Employ your senses.

If you think something is wrong with your vehicle, then it's probably time to visit your local Mercedes mechanic for a service, I get mine serviced in Richmond but you can find out more info here on other servicing dealers. A simple checkup may often suffice in may situations but it's always best to ensure you get a full service every year or so. The best way to know whether you need Mercedes servicing or not is simply to be alert for the slightest changes. Turn down the radio and put way your Bluetooth headset and simply listen for any noises as you drive. You should also walk round your vehicle just to observe it, seeing if there is any fluid leakage or foul smell.