When it comes to the fashion industries, there are a lot of success stories from Versace to Prada but the glamor publications rarely talk about the hard work that goes on behind the scenes as well as a lot of diligence and effort. This applies both for fashion and interior design. So, what is it that you should consider before going to a design school/college/ university? Let’s take a look.


This is perhaps the first thing you should ask yourself. 1generally, fashion design is a very small field with lots of hungry potentials. The design field calls for loads of dedication, creativity and zero mediocrity. So, before you enrol for a fashion design school/college/university, ask yourself this, do you have what it takes to grab the bull by the horns? Can you handle the countless highs and lows? Do you have the strong organisational and communication skills needed to manoeuvre your way in the cutthroat world of design? If your answer to any of the above questions is no, then you may need to reconsider your decision to pursue a bachelor/diploma in fashion or interior design.


Design, whether we are talking about fashion or interior, needs a passionate person. So, if you have had a lifelong dream of becoming a player in design yet you cannot locate your sketches or you have your sewing machine covered in dust, then you might want to reconsider a career in design.


Design is one of those careers that need you to be talented first and skilled later. Edna Woodman Chase once said that fashion can be bought but style, one must possess. You cannot get into fashion or interior design since talent cannot be bought. It has to be nurtured and shaped since it can only be nurtured and shaped as it comes naturally. This is one of the most major considerations you should make when you consider enrolling for a bachelor/diploma in fashion or interior design.

The school’s reputation

When you are shopping around for the best school to turn your passion into a career, the first thing you need to consider is the reputation as it is very hard to be taken seriously even if you hold a bachelor from a little known school, I suggest starting by looking at this design college if you are serious about your career. This school offers all sorts of design courses and hold a high reputation across Australia and can help you build connections to get your foot in the door in the industry

The cost

Coco Chanel once said that the best things in life are free but the second best are expensive. This could not be more true where design is concerned. Design schools can be a little pricy. So, you have to be well-prepared, financially speaking. We are talking room, board, food, tuition and material needed for your projects.

Backup plan

Now, failure is never an option and it generally shouldn’t but let’s face it, sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan. 1when this happens, a lot of people might be inclined to simply throw in the towel but if you are a designer, it is in your blood. Get some of your designs on online stores if you are a fashion designer and you might end up making some money off it. If interior design is more your thing, set up a website and market yourself aggressively. Who knows, you might just be the next big name in interior design.